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As with any aspect of the judiciary system, there is a process to setting as well as acquiring and living up to the terms of your bail. From the moment the court sets your bail, to when the bail terms end, there is a system in place to ensure that everyone involved in the judicial process is living up to their responsibilities and taking the correct steps to ensure that the process is carried out in full. Your bail bond professional will go into further detail upon interview, but a brief overview is as followed.

Setting Bail

The primary step in having bail posted in the first place is for the courts to set bail. This financial number set out by the courts is by no means fixed to each charge and can vary wildly depending on a variety of circumstances, such as the severity of the crime in question, flight risk and otherwise. The courts will come up with a figure that they feel is appropriate and inform you and your lawyer of this setting and this is the point when contact with Bail Bonds Raleigh should begin.

Fees and Collateral

Once the courts set your bail, and you have contacted us for financial assistance, one of our bail bond professionals will meet with you for a general interview and this is to get a better idea of the case, to go over financial particulars, and to have more information on the individual looking for a bail bond. At this point, we make our decision on whether or not we believe that pursuing a bail bond is the best course of action. If so, we then determine the amount tied to our fee, and whether or not there will need to be a posting of some form of collateral.

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Posting Bail

Once the details are worked out, and there has been a deal made between Bail Bonds Raleigh and yourself, we then post your bail to the courts, and this gives you your immediate ability to head back to your home, or the house of a surety. During this time there may be provisions that you must abide by, and Bail Bonds Raleigh also enforces those provisions. If you run or get charged for another crime in the interim, you will be brought directly back to the jail and your bond contract terminated.

Your Trial

The entire point of setting up a bail bond is to ensure that not only can you have your freedom while waiting for trial, but is an agreement with the court under financial assurance, that you will live up to your responsibility of being present for your hearing. At Bail Bonds Raleigh your trial is the ultimate destination of your bail, and whether or not you’re found innocent or guilty, the terms of the bail bond come to an end. At this point, your future is in your hands or the hands of the court, and we part ways amicably.

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