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Unlike some charges where there may be a chance of getting out with a citation or being released of your recognizance, felony charges are ultimately severe matters with a completely different approach in the justice system. You will eventually get a trial date, and your need for bail will be immediate. We bring you the means to having access to that bail and getting back home while waiting for the trial process to go through, bringing back your normal life for the time being.

A Serious Matter

As felony charges are the highest brought in front of the courts, it is a matter that needs to be taken care of with a serious frame of mind. Each charge bears its level of gravity but ultimately will come to the court's discretion as to whether or not a judge sets your bail. If it is, then Bail Bonds Raleigh is here to assist you in securing the finances needed to put forth your bail bond, allowing you to await your trial in the comfort of home rather than the discomfort of a cell.

Level of Bail

Depending on the charges brought forth, the level of bail can vary wildly. There is no set amount for varying felonies and ultimately will be up to the court's discretion. Depending on the level of bail set, it may or may not be easier to acquire the fees needed to post your bail. Other specific provisions such as collateral may need to be put forth if you don’t have direct access to the funds needed, or the means to acquire them. Our bail bond professionals will work with you towards a solution so that you have the means to gain the bail you need.

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Bail Posting

Once the provisions and agreements are made and met, the posting of your bail will take place. We work closely with the courts of Raleigh, NC to ensure that we have the means of posting your bail bond at any time of the day, meaning that you still have access to your freedom even if it’s in the middle of the night. Once a judge posts your bail, then you can leave the jailhouse and make your way to your residential one. Specific additional provisions may be put into place by the courts, yet this will remain on an individual basis.

Facing the Music

Felony charges cannot be taken lightly in their severity, and the need to be present for all court-appointed dates is mandatory. Any breach of these provisions will be a breach of your bail and will wind up with the bail contract ultimately terminated. When it comes to felony charges, the court's viewpoint and those of the bail posting are stricter and more serious in their repercussions, which is something to take into account when it comes time to attain and post your bail. Ultimately, this is for the safety of the community at large, and for yourself in the meantime.

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