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DUI bail bonds are posted by the courts when an individual has been pulled over and suspected of driving under the influence. These can also involve traffic collisions, single car accidents, or other measures deemed against North Carolina law. Whether or not the situation turns to one involving bail is the result of many variables, yet if so, you can depend on Bail Bonds Raleigh to bring you the affordable bail bonds you need around the clock.

One Traffic Stop

Those caught for DUI or suspected of so are not let off with a warning, in North Carolina the first port of call is the police station where a more thorough investigation may take place. For those found being under the influence, many different possible outcomes may be a result, whether it’s sleeping it off in a cell or facing charges. If a trial date is set, then contact with Bail Bonds Raleigh once the judge sets your bail will have you on your way back home rather than waking up in a small concrete room.

Bail Differences

The differences in bail on DUI charges are much like any other charge brought before the courts. There can be a big individual decision made once all the circumstances are factored in. Some may lead to citations while others, such as repeat offenders may be in for a longer ride. The setting of your bail will change the outcome of the fees to our services or the collateral needed, but those details will be ironed out with your bail bond professional upon interview. Getting you back home in the interim is the critical step and the one we will work towards with you.

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Sleep It Off At Home

It’s one thing to wake up in a cell knowing that you’ve been giving the time to sleep it off and can then make your way back home, and an entirely different scenario to see that you’ll be staying there for an extended period while awaiting your trial. At Bail Bonds Raleigh we know that you’d much rather be in the comfort of familiar surroundings and that you deserve the capability to do so, and this is why we bring Raleigh residents the means to affordable and accessible bail bonds.

Being Accountable

During the time of being on bail, there is a specific accountability you will be responsible for, almost all of which being tied directly to the court systems, and this includes being present for all court-related appointments such as arraignment, pretrial, and your actual trial. You will be responsible for living up to all of your legal requirements, and fulfilling your obligations as set out by your bail bond. In the meantime though, we consider focusing more on the day to day life and trying to make the most of not being inside a small cell while waiting for those various provisions to pop up eventually.

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