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Being brought in on drug charges can be a completely different experience depending on many factors. Whether there was alleged intent to distribute, the classification of the drug, and a litany of other variables, and this ultimately can affect the overall decision made in the setting of bail requirements, and the level of the charge itself. No matter what you face regarding bail charges, you can depend on affordable bail bonds through the assistance of Bail Bonds Raleigh.

Severity of Charges

The severity of the charge brought before the court will play the most significant factor in setting the level of bail needed to post for your freedom. Depending on the type of drug in question can lead to the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony, and therefore drastically change the bail setting. Ultimately the courts will place the bail amount required onto you and your legal counsel along with Bail Bonds Raleigh which will work with you to ensure that the courts post your bail. We bring the same level of accessibility for all types of charges and bail settings to ensure that you have the means to the financial assistance you need.

Setting Bail

Though the number initially put forth by the courts may make your heart skip a beat, you can rest assured that it’s not the numbers you’ll be on the hook for in the end unless you choose not to follow through with the remainder of your legal responsibilities. Generally, a small portion of that number is all that’s necessary for bail acquisition and Bail Bonds Raleigh works with you to ensure that you can reasonably secure your bail for an affordable price. We work through the entire process with you in an easy to understand format towards this goal.

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Bond Process

Once your the judge sets your bail and you’ve contacted Bail Bonds Raleigh, we meet with you to go over the stipulations involved in your bail posting, and the responsibilities you will be expected to live up to on your end. Having all of that information set and your fees paid; the bail we be posted to the courts, and you have access to your freedom once more. We can post your bail at any time, giving you access to the bail bonds you need around the clock to ensure a quick turnaround.

Making Judgement

Your bail is tied closely to your trial, and one goes hand in hand with the other. Once your trial date arrives, you will be expected to show up to face the courts, and the bail process comes to an end. At Bail Bonds Raleigh we aim to bring you the freedom that an innocent individual deserves while waiting for their trial, and still hold you up to the responsibility of an adult. You must come through on your end of the obligation to your bail bond professional by bringing the process to a simple resolution and fulfill your requirements agreed upon when first signing your bail bond.

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