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At Bail Bonds Raleigh we believe in innocence until proven guilty, and yet as justice is blind, so is the judicial system while heading to your trial. Which means that all those jailed, while innocent in the eyes of the law, are to be treated with a certain level of caution just in case, and this is why we have pre-sentencing incarceration, and in the case of pretrial, bail bonds. A financial incentive for those accused of a crime to be present at a trial, and to have the truth come to light. Depending on the severity of the crime in question, this amount of bail can differ wildly, and often, it can be difficult for one to come up with the funds of their own accord, which is where Bail Bonds Raleigh comes into the picture.

In genuinely treating someone as innocent until a court finds otherwise, that individual should have the freedom to continue living their lives until the time of that decision arrives; we play our part by being the means in which you have the accessibility to the bail you need while awaiting trial. With a general fee of only 10%, you have the financial weight of Bail Bonds Raleigh on your side to act as a financial backer of sorts that gives you access to your freedom once more until the courts finish the judiciary process. Your freedom may be invaluable, but we help you cover the costs in the interim.

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